How to Pick the Right Cooling Option for Any Application

The good thing about heat exchangers is that, these days, there’s an option for virtually every electrical thermal management need. With the range of technological advancements that continue to change nearly every industry, this versatility is a significant reason why heat exchangers have become such an integral part of many of them. It’s also why some companies may find choosing the right cooling option challenging. With so many options available, how can they know which one is the most advantageous for their specific applications?

Start with a Comprehensive Analysis

The first step is to perform a comprehensive analysis of the application and its specific thermal management requirements. No solution is one size fits all, but heat exchangers come in enough of a variety that the right manufacturer may already produce one that fits the application’s exact needs. The analysis will also help determine what type of heat exchanger is most appropriate, and whether or not the application demands ambient or below-ambient cooling.

Different Heat Exchanger Designs

Heat exchangers transfer heat in several different ways, and utilize different design concepts to achieve their goals. For example, many utilize heat pipes that control the flow of the cooling fluid, while others take advantage of cold plates to absorb heat across wider surface areas. Achieving optimal efficiency for the application’s electrical thermal management needs will require understanding exactly which type of heat exchanger design meets its unique needs.

Ambient or Below-Ambient Cooling?

In addition to the specific design of a heat exchanger, it can also vary in the type of cooling it achieves. For instance, some of the more common types cool electrical enclosures to just above the ambient temperatures outside of them (known as ambient cooling). Others can provide below-ambient cooling by utilizing cooling fluids that are chilled to specific temperatures.

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