How the Molding Industry Benefits from Heat Exchangers

These days, virtually every industry has benefited to some degree from the implementation of advanced heat exchangers. In any application that demands the use of advanced technology, the ability to apply high-performance electrical thermal management with minimal energy consumption and space requirements make heat exchangers the ideal cooling solution. In some industries, however, that ability is of more benefit than to others. For example, in the molding industry, efficient heat transfer is about more than just keeping electrical enclosures and equipment properly cooled. It’s also about optimizing a company’s output and productivity by creating a faster and more reliable way to remove the heat from each fresh mold.

How Thermal Pins Work

Thermal pins are specialized heat spreaders that operate similarly to pipe-based heat exchangers. Like heat pipes, thermal pins utilize cooling fluid to rapidly absorb and remove heat from a source (in this case, the mold). The ability to utilize liquid cooling gives thermal pins the ability to remain isothermal, reducing the chances of imperfect molds due to uneven cooling. Also, like modern heat pipes, thermal pins can be designed to fit most existing molding equipment so companies don’t have to invest in completely new machinery to benefit from them.

The Value of High-Performance Heat Exchangers

While efficient and cost-effective thermal management offers several benefits to all industries, those benefits include a much higher quality of product for consumers in the molding industry, as well. Companies that utilize thermal pins not only increase the quality and quantity of their yields, but also do so at reduced overall costs. Thanks to consistently high-quality molds and low overhead costs, thermal pins have helped numerous companies maintain a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

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