Heat Exchanger Applications Besides Cooling Enclosures

Properly cooling electrical enclosures by eliminating the waste heat inside of them is a fundamental necessity. If any piece of equipment overheats, then it can malfunction and interrupt or completely stop a company’s operations. Given the importance of cooling electrical enclosures, that process has become one of the biggest reasons why heat exchangers have become prominent aspects of many companies’ operational infrastructure. However, these days, thermal management takes on may different forms in modern manufacturing and other operations. In many cases, heat exchangers also help vastly improve these applications, as well.

Cooling Superheated Molds Faster

Transferring heat away from a heat source within an enclosure is one thing, but in the molding industry, it’s key to efficiency, productivity, and overall output. After superheated material is poured into a mold, the heat must be extracted as rapidly and as evenly as possible before the molded piece can be removed. The speed and uniformity with which molding equipment can remove that heat determines the yield rate as well as the quality of every mold. With custom heat exchangers known as thermal pins, which are specially crafted to fit into most molding equipment, companies can ensure rapid and high-quality heat removal for every mold they create.

Controlling Food and Pharma Production

In addition to removing waste and other forms of heat, heat exchangers can also help certain applications maintain consistent and precise below-ambient temperatures. Using a cooling fluid (such as water) that is chilled to the appropriate temperature, heat exchangers can help industries such as food and pharmaceutical production improve safety and quality throughout their processes. Below-ambient heat exchangers help eliminate reliance on more cumbersome and costly thermal management solutions, such as large air conditioning equipment, so companies can maintain or improve production while lowering overall costs.

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