2 Areas Where Heat Exchangers Boost Manufacturing

As technology has advanced over the last several decades, each innovation has built and improved upon previous concepts. For example, in the area of electrical thermal management, air conditioning (and later, air compression) used to be the standard solution. Yet, as electrical equipment and technology advanced, innovators improved the concepts of thermal management based on what those previous solutions taught them. For example, heat exchangers improved the process by eliminating many of the characteristics that made older thermal management technologies cumbersome, including the manner in which they control electrical waste heat. In doing so, they helped companies that rely on them become much more efficient in several different ways.

Electrical cooling

Electrical cooling was the first major change that companies experienced with the advent of heat exchangers. They no longer had to rely on air conditioners that were cumbersome to implement and costly to maintain. Instead, they could implement thermal management solutions that effectively cooled their advanced technologies without requiring constant oversight or high amounts of energy. This meant industries such as manufacturing could grow and expand their operations, improve their product offerings, and more without being hindered by exorbitant thermal management costs.

Wastewater treatment

Years after heat exchangers first reinvented electrical thermal management, companies realized that their innovative heat transfer methods could provide several other benefits. For instance, wastewater treatment has become a standard, regulated process for many manufacturing companies, and it requires a consistent supply of heat to keep the water at consistent temperatures during the process. While that historically required large amounts of energy, such as natural gas, heat exchangers have been able to lessen that reliance by allowing companies to repurpose the electrical waste heat they collect for wastewater treatment, and more.

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