What Makes Heat Exchangers Different?

The concepts that guide modern electrical thermal management have evolved significantly over the years, and they’ve led to a variety of expanding possibilities for newer and more efficient technologies. One of the most popular and often relied-on concepts is that of phase-change cooling, which powers many of today’s most advanced heat exchangers. The simple, effective, and eco-friendly method of transferring waste heat makes heat exchangers viable for a wide range of applications.

Electrical cooling with air conditioning

Electrical thermal management is based on preventing electrical components from overheating within their respective enclosures. Air conditioning, the traditional method of cooling electrical enclosures, accomplishes this by generating chilled air through the use of complicated machinery and chemicals. By circulating the chilled air throughout an enclosure, an air conditioner keeps it consistently cool and free of harmful heat pockets. The challenges to relying on air conditioning equipment include having to routinely refill the Freon that it requires to chill air and maintaining the equipment that is meant to circulate it.

The tangible benefits of heat exchangers

When heat exchangers first appeared as an alternative to air conditioning equipment, pioneers in implementing the technology quickly realized the many benefits they provide. Unlike air conditioners, heat exchangers approach electrical cooling by addressing the waste heat directly. Using safe cooling fluids (such as water), they collect heat through a process known as phase-change cooling. As the liquid near the heat source absorbs the heat, it evaporates (changes phases) without allowing any notable rises in temperature. Then, the lighter, heated gas flows to a cooler area of the unit, where the fluid can safely release the heat and convert back into liquid, circulating back toward the heat source in a continuous loop.

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