What Heat Exchangers Actually Optimize

It’s become generally accepted that heat exchangers are often the preferable solution for streamlining electrical thermal management. Exactly how they do so is no secret – heat exchangers transfer heat instead of eliminating it – but the many different benefits that stem from streamlined thermal management often far exceed expectations. Besides simplifying the process of cooling electrical enclosures, cabinets, and equipment, heat exchangers also give companies the freedom to optimize several other areas of their operations, as well.

Heat transfer (instead of chilling)

Innovative heat transfer methods are at the heart of what makes heat exchangers so successful. Traditionally, cooling electrical enclosures required air conditioners to generate cold air and circulate it through the enclosures that housed sensitive components. By contrast, heat exchangers collect waste heat and transfer it to a cooler area where it can be dissipated safely (or redirected for use elsewhere). Optimizing the cooling process means companies spend less time repairing or maintaining air conditioning equipment.

Energy consumption

Besides freeing up employee time, switching from chilling to heat transfer methods also uses up significantly less energy. There is no need to continuously chill air, which requires complex equipment and the use of chemical agents like Freon. In fact, most heat exchangers consist of little or no external equipment, and all of their heat transfer processes occur naturally, which means heat exchangers require minimal energy to continue operating.

Use of physical space

Streamlined thermal management requires streamlined equipment, and one of the most versatile aspects of heat exchangers is the fact that they can be constructed in ways that make the most use of any available space within an application. For example, heat pipes can bend as needed to fit into tight areas, and cold plates can be stacked together to offer maximum thermal management within a minimal physical space.

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