Questions About Innovative Thermal Pins

The more industries implement heat exchanger technology to solve their various thermal management needs, the more heat exchanger manufacturers continue to innovative cooling technology to fit increasingly more types of applications. That’s especially true for industries that rely on effective thermal management for more than just cooling electrical control panels and enclosures. For example, the process of creating molds depends on the rapid removal of heat. Once the superheated material has been poured into the mold, the speed at which it can be cooled largely determines a company’s overall productivity. With thermal pins, which are specialized heat exchangers designed specifically for the molding industry, companies can optimize that cooling time, and therefore, their overall productivity and output.

How to thermal pins work?

Thermal pins are a unique type of heat spreader, most similar to a traditional heat pipe, and are designed to bring the advantages of liquid cooling to the molding industry. They’re made specifically for use in the high-temperature, high-performance applications that characterize molding operations. Thermal pins can be either part of a new molding core or they can be attached to an existing core. By fitting thermal pins to existing cores, companies don’t have to completely upgrade all of their equipment to benefit from their enhanced thermal management.

Do thermal pins really improve output?

The reason thermal pins work so well is because they can efficiently and reliably remove heat from molds faster and more uniformly than other cooling systems. Besides operating like heat pipes, thermal pins are also isothermal, which means they remove heat evenly on all sides to prevent discrepancies and irregularities in the finished molds. This means that molds are produced faster and with a much lower rate of error, which can dramatically improve a company’s overall output.

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