Important Aspects of Heat Exchanger Design

Like most forms of advanced technology, heat exchangers are often tailored to meet the specific needs of the application they’re used for. As the variety of technology has expanded, so have the different uses and operating specifications of modern heat exchangers. To continuously provide the high-quality thermal management capabilities that they’re known for, heat exchangers go through a series of concept and product designs, testing, and prototyping before being manufactured. These steps help ensure that every heat exchanger successfully meets or exceeds expectations.

Thermal management concepts

The secret to success for modern heat exchangers is the efficient way in which transfer waste heat. Depending on the application, the best method may be natural/forced convection, conduction, phase-change cooling, or a combination of these. Before deciding, a team of design and thermal management experts will carefully analyze the application and collaborate to determine which method would meet its needs best.

Feasibility testing

Once the right thermal management approach is decided, the design can be tested through a feasibility study. This includes all initial concept and product drawings, digital analysis, modeling, and more to ensure that the proposed design will be a good fit for its intended application. Feasibility studies take the guesswork out of heat exchanger designs to ensure quality thermal management results for every unit.

Rapid prototyping

Even without having to guess, there are many variables that come into play only after a heat exchanger unit or component is placed within the application. To avoid unforeseen complications with a finished product, heat exchanger manufacturers often utilize 3D printing to rapidly create prototypes of each component and physically test them within the confines of the application. Any discrepancies can be corrected before any final component or product is manufactured.

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