How Different Industries Benefit from Heat Exchangers

Thermal management comes in many different forms and has a wide variety of implications that are often specific to individual industries. One of the reasons why heat exchangers have excelled in almost every industry is because the advanced thermal management technology they’re designed from is versatile enough to address nearly all of those implications. While managing electrical waste heat is one of their most common applications, modern heat exchangers can also bring advanced heat transfer capabilities to bear for many other, equally important applications.

Manufacturing industries

Manufacturing companies were among the first to enjoy the benefits of heat exchangers on a wide scale. Traditionally, keeping manufacturing equipment properly cooled as it operated all day required large air conditioners that were costly and time-consuming to maintain. By trading air conditioning units for heat exchanger technology, much of the manufacturing industry quickly overcame its biggest thermal management challenges. Today, increasingly more advanced heat exchangers help more companies continue to do so.

Food and beverage companies

Like manufacturing companies, many food and beverage companies also rely on large equipment, much of which is automated and requires innovative, versatile thermal management solutions. However, given the highly sensitive and perishable nature of food and beverage products, thermal management needs also come in the form of controlling the temperatures of such products during processing, storing, packaging, and shipping. Their highly efficient methods of managing heat and providing below-ambient cooling make heat exchangers viable for food and beverage production, as well.

High-performance molding

While food and beverage production requires consistent and reliable cooling, high-performance molding’s requirements are even more demanding. For a mold to come out in optimal form, it must be rapidly cooled as soon as possible. Heat exchangers designed specifically for molding equipment – known as thermal pins – provide that rapid cooling efficiently and uniformly thanks to their isothermal nature. This helps molding companies increase output and significantly reduce the rate of errors that could interrupt production.

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