Eco-Friendly Thermal Management for NEMA Enclosures

While cooling any electrical enclosure comes with a variety of concerns, maintaining enclosures that are designed to meet NEMA certifications comes with its own set of additional challenges. Besides being consistent and reliable, NEMA-class electrical cooling solutions also have to ensure the high level of ingress protection that the enclosure must maintain, as well as produce a minimal environmental footprint (or none at all). Fortunately, heat exchangers have excelled at meeting and exceeding expectations for electrical enclosures of all types, including NEMA-class ones that demand the highest quality thermal management solutions.

Better cooling processes

Many modern electrical enclosures are designed to operate at optimal capacity in remote and/or hazardous locations. This means they have to manage consistently high levels of electrical waste heat without fail and without needing constant maintenance, repair, or other form of intervention. Heat exchangers are often the ideal solution because they transfer heat in nearly self-sufficient ways, such as convection and phase-change cooling. Such methods don’t need expansive equipment, which leaves room to optimize space for more efficient cooling.

More secure enclosures

Besides making maximum use of space and equipment, high-performance heat exchangers are also designed to operate within a loop. The cooling fluid doesn’t need to leave the unit or be refilled, so heat exchangers can be tightly sealed using advanced neoprene gaskets and seals. Because ingress protection is often one of the most important NEMA specifications, the ability to maintain that protection is one of the biggest advantages of heat exchangers.

No environment footprint

Even below-ambient heat exchangers can reach the chilled temperatures necessary for some applications while still retaining the most important benefits of modern heat exchangers. Using a chilled fluid, such as water, below-ambient heat exchangers eliminate the need for chemicals such as Freon. Therefore, they produce little or no environmental footprint.

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