Can Heat Exchangers Work in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Once companies began transforming their electrical cooling operations with the use of heat exchangers, the benefits of the innovative thermal management solutions became glaringly obvious. However, becoming a cornerstone of manufacturing and other technologies hasn’t always been easy. For instance, some operations still required cooling solutions that provided temperatures well below ambient temperatures, and therefore, still clung to air conditioners to effectively meet those needs. In some industries, operations often occur in extreme climates and conditions, which typical heat exchangers were not meant to withstand. As they’ve advanced, however, heat exchangers have become versatile enough to meet any demand that any industry requires, including the particularly tough conditions of the oil and gas industry.

Higher Standards and Concerns than Other Fields

The nature of oil and gas manufacturing makes it one of the most volatile environments to operate in. Not only are the oil and gas highly volatile, but so are much of the chemicals, debris, and other materials often found in the atmosphere. Any equipment that operates under such conditions has to meet extremely stringent standards and regulations, and that includes the thermal management solutions used to cool that equipment. That means providing consistently reliable electrical cooling with minimal need for human interaction, as well as providing a high level of ingress protection, providing below-ambient cooling (when necessary), and more.

How Heat Exchangers Meet These Needs

Modern heat exchangers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and operating capabilities. Different types are optimal for different operations, and in oil and gas manufacturing, heat exchangers are designed with every unique standard and consideration in mind. For example, below-ambient heat exchangers can operate using chilled fluid that circulates within a closed loop. The loop ensures the quality of the fluid and its thermal management capabilities, and enables the heat exchangers to be tightly sealed and attached to an enclosure with high-quality seals and gaskets for optimal protection.

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