Thermal Management Needs that Most Industries Share

While every company faces its own unique challenges, there are certain issues that are common among every industry. Thermal management is one of the most significant of those common challenges. The specific thermal management needs a company faces and how it decides to address them depend on many different factors. However, things like electrical cooling for control cabinets and other electrical enclosures, or consistent heating for processes such as wastewater treatment, are hurdles that they all face. Such common thermal management needs are also typically addressed most efficiently with modern, high-performance heat exchangers.

Cooling Electrical Cabinets and Other Enclosures

Since technology has become the backbone of most modern companies’ operations, thermal management has become vital to keeping those operations running. Any equipment or machinery that uses electricity produces heat to some degree. In the case of manufacturing technology, that waste heat is considerable, and if not managed properly, it can lead to overheating, malfunctions, and excessive downtime. Rather than allocating an exorbitant amount energy to running multiple air conditioning units, companies these days typically rely on heat exchangers to efficiently cool their systems.

Maintaining Heat for Proper Wastewater Treatment

In addition to transferring electrical waste heat, heat exchangers are also popular solutions for re-directing heat so companies can utilize it elsewhere. For example, most industries require companies to implement wastewater treatment processes to minimize their environmental footprints. This process is accomplished with the help of beneficial microbes that attack and eliminate pathogens, and they require sustained heat to maintain specific temperatures in order to be successful. Heat exchangers help companies minimize their energy costs by providing free heat that they’ve collected from nearby electrical enclosures.

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