What’s the Best Way to Cool Automated Technology?

As more companies implement various forms of automated technology into their operations, they’ve enjoyed a number of different benefits, including higher productivity and more time for employees to be more innovative. It’s also presented quite a few challenges, especially in the realm of electrical thermal management. For example, traditional methods like air conditioning units and air compressors often can’t keep up with the high-performance demands of the technology. Also, automation is rendered ineffective if the equipment’s thermal management solutions have to be constantly maintained and repaired. To address these concerns, many forms of automated technology come equipped with innovative heat exchangers that offer high-performance cooling on a consistent basis with little or no need for attention.

Thermal Management Concerns for Automation

High thermal management demands and the need to operate almost autonomously are the most important concerns when it comes to thermal management for automated technology. For instance, the goal of automation is take over mundane and repetitive tasks so that employees can focus their attention and time on more productive, higher level tasks. However, to accomplish their tasks, automated machines operate at a higher level of performance than more conventional technologies. This means they also produce higher amounts of waste heat that must be consistently controlled so that the equipment can continue operating.

The Advantage of Using Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are well-known for their ability to handle even the highest levels of electrical waste heat with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to their performance, though, their ability to operate continuously for years without losing any of their effectiveness makes them uniquely suited to automated applications. Heat exchangers utilize natural heat transfer methods (i.e., phase-change cooling and natural/forced convection) and they can be designed to fit automated applications of virtually any size.

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