How to Properly Cool a NEMA-Certified Enclosure

The science of cooling advanced technology and electrical enclosures isn’t the only thing that’s changed over the years. So have the standards set by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) for keeping the enclosures themselves safe, protected, and properly cooled. As industries have spread into increasingly more volatile areas of the world, maintaining NEMA safety and operation standards has become more and more important. That means companies have relied more and more on innovative, NEMA-class heat exchangers to cool the equipment and technology that helps them expand their operations.

The Importance of Meeting NEMA Standards

Along with maintaining industry standards of system integrity and effectiveness, NEMA standards are also designed to optimize the safety of anyone who works on or near electrical enclosures and other equipment. For instance, according to its specific NEMA designation, a certain system must maintain system integrity by ensuring a high level of ingress protection for both the enclosure and any cooling unit attached to it. It also must be able to withstand the maximum operating capacities of the system without its seals being compromised.

How Heat Exchangers Meet the Challenge

For most other electrical enclosures, heat exchangers have long been the thermal management solution of choice. Their ability to efficiently prevent electrical overheating by consistently transferring waste heat has made them a boon to productivity and energy conservation in a wide range of industries. For NEMA class enclosures, however, the high-quality seals and gaskets are just as important as their innovative heat transfer techniques. Heat exchangers are especially qualified for maintaining the strictest standards, making them just as beneficial for high-performance applications in more volatile locations as they are in traditional manufacturing settings.

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