Faster Heat Exchanger Production with In-House Manufacturing

Much like the thermal management solutions they produce, today’s heat exchanger manufacturers have taken leaps and bounds in optimizing their processes thanks to advanced technology. For example, digital design and analysis technology has allowed for increasingly higher precision and, consequently, more effective results in the design and creation of innovative heat exchangers. Likewise, automated technology and smaller, more powerful manufacturing equipment allows for companies to combine every step of the heat exchanger manufacturing process in-house.

Design and Analysis Processes

The science of electrical thermal management has been one of the most significant advancements in modern technology. Besides being more cost-effective, it has also introduced a variety of innovative heat transfer methods, each with its own benefits according a given application’s specifications. With teams of thermal management, design, technical, and manufacturing experts all collaborating in-house, the initial system analysis and heat exchanger design processes are significantly more collaborative. This means innovating new solutions to more powerful applications is a faster and more efficient process, with continuously reliable results that often exceed expectations.

Testing and Manufacturing Processes

In addition to the ability to analyze an application and design the most efficient thermal management solution with improved speed and accuracy, in-house manufacturing also makes it easier for companies to test and prototype components before designs are sent to be manufactured. For instance, pipes, plates, and fans can be rapidly prototyped using 3D printing technology, and then tested in their real-world dimensions to check for any discrepancies that could have a negative impact. If necessary, adjustments can be made and tested again to avoid complications with the system’s design once it has been manufactured.

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