Comparing Heat Exchangers to Air Conditioners

These days, it’s common knowledge that heat exchangers typically provide a more efficient and reliable solution to thermal management than air conditioning. However, companies that are still debating whether or not they should make the change don’t always realize how heat exchangers accomplish this. Therefore, they don’t realize the many benefits that they’re missing out on. Today, we briefly compare the differences between how air conditioners and heat exchangers approach thermal management, and why the latter is generally the better option.

Changing Thermal Management

Electrical waste heat has always been a serious concern for most types of technology and mechanical equipment. All circuits give off heat that, if not properly controlled, could damage or destroy sensitive components. Air conditioning units handle this heat by providing a steady stream of chilled air within an electrical enclosure, which requires the use of Freon and machinery that utilizes a lot of energy. By contrast, heat exchangers take a simpler approach to preventing overheating. Rather than chilling air and circulating it through the enclosure, a heat exchanger collects waste heat as it’s given off, transfers it away from sensitive components, and then safely dissipates it elsewhere.

Below-Ambient Solutions

Even with more efficient and eco-friendly heat transfer methods, some companies may worry that they may not suffice for applications that require below-ambient temperatures. Because heat exchangers simply transfer heat, they typically keep the air inside of electrical enclosures at just above the ambient temperature outside of them. However, modern heat exchangers can achieve temperatures well below the ambient. using fluid that is cooled to the appropriate temperature. For instance, in extremely hot climates or for extremely high-performance applications, below-ambient units can combine the well-known benefits of heat exchanger technology with the low-temperature cooling needed for optimal productivity.

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