A Look at How Manufacturing Is Going Green

While improved productivity and lower overhead costs are significant factors in adopting new technology, eco-friendliness has become as important a consideration these days. On one hand, many regulations now mandate that companies take measures to reduce their environmental footprints. Otherwise, they may face massive fees in penalties. On another hand, today’s consumers also demand that the companies they do business with are more environmentally friendly than companies have been in the past. Together, these concerns have driven companies to race toward going green in both the products they provide and the manufacturing processes they employ.

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment

In the increased focus on eco-friendliness, wastewater treatment has taken on renewed, increasing importance. Depending on the industry, efficient and effective wastewater treatment processes help ensure that hazardous chemicals aren’t released into the environment or allowed to make the workplace hazardous for employees. There are several different types of technology that assist in wastewater treatment processes, but heat exchangers are among the most efficient solutions. Heat exchangers provide the consistent, precise temperatures needed to treat wastewater with beneficial microbes while reducing the amount of energy needed to do so.

Automated Manufacturing Technology

The implementation of automated technology has helped companies in many different ways, such as improving employee productivity by freeing up time usually spent on repetitive processes. In many ways, the advanced technology also helps companies reduce overall energy usage, and because automation often relies on heat exchangers, as well, they can further increase productivity by reducing the need for maintenance. In fact, eco-friendly, efficient, and nearly automated thermal management makes heat exchangers an important part of many other advanced manufacturing technologies.

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