2 Reasons Automated Tech Relies on Heat Exchangers

While automated technology has largely taken over a significant portion of many industries, its wide spread adoption was the culmination of several different technological developments. One of those is the ability to streamline electrical thermal management to provide constant, reliable cooling for technology that’s meant to run on its own. Besides creating technology that’s smart and powerful enough to make automation possible, such technology also requires equally smart and powerful solutions for dealing with electrical overheating. Because of their unique methods of transferring heat, heat exchangers have often been the most-relied upon thermal management solution for increasingly more advanced automated technology.

Heat Exchangers Don’t Need Much Maintenance

Automated technology and machinery are meant to make humans more efficient and productive by taking over repetitive and/or menial tasks. However, this isn’t possible with thermal management methods like air conditioning or air compression. The equipment needed to accomplish these methods is complex, and its many moving parts can create limitless possibilities for the equipment to become damaged or fail completely. Heat exchangers solved this problem by approaching thermal management differently. Rather than chilling or compressing air, heat exchangers use cooling fluid to absorb and transfer waste heat away from sensitive circuits. Without complicated machinery, they don’t require constant maintenance, and they can operate for years longer with the same level of efficiency and reliability.

Heat Exchangers Run on Minimal Energy

Besides requiring less maintenance, heat exchangers’ unique approaches to thermal management also don’t require large amounts of energy. Because there is no complicated machinery to power, companies can dedicate much less of their overhead toward energy in thermal management. This means there is more time and capital available to ensuring the facility is fully equipped to benefit from upgrading to automated operations.

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