What Control Panels Have to Do with Eco-Friendliness

There are many ways for companies to streamline operations, automate redundant processes, and implement technologies that boost their productivity while lowering their environmental footprints. However, cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures isn’t always an obvious starting point. In most of today’s industries, particularly in manufacturing, technology and machinery are backbones of every company’s operations. Besides the power and efficiency of that technology, a company’s eco-friendly efforts are also impacted by the choice of thermal management for it. That’s why most companies today benefit from using a variety of heat exchangers to cool high-powered control panels and sensitive, high-performance technology, all while lowering energy costs and reducing the company’s environmental impact.

A Greener Thermal Management Solution

While most areas of manufacturing technology advanced rather rapidly, much of it relied on air conditioning or air compressing machinery to prevent it from overheating. With the addition of heat exchangers, companies began to realize that continuous operations were much less costly when they didn’t have to keep large, energy-hungry air conditioners running, as well. Heat exchangers made thermal management more affordable by offering a solution to transfer excess waste heat without having to chill the air inside of an electrical enclosure.

How They Operate

Compared to air conditioners, heat exchangers manage electrical heat more efficiently by continuously transferring it away from sensitive electrical components. The methods heat exchangers use, including convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling, occur mostly naturally. Therefore, they don’t require large amounts of energy or complicated machinery to operate. For companies that deal in processes such as waste water treatment and power production, this also means a greater ability to reduce any waste materials that may be introduced into the environment.

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