The Role of Heat Exchangers in Oil & Gas Processing

Thermal management has always been important, and in many instances, complex. Yet, in hazardous fields like oil and gas processing, there are more considerations than usual when it comes to implementing electrical and other thermal management solutions. For example, consistent and reliable thermal management is especially important to minimize the need for employees to venture out to fix or maintain equipment. The ability to cool equipment without drawing on enormous amounts of energy is essential for companies to control overhead costs. These and other special considerations make thermal management in oil and gas processing particularly challenging, and heat exchangers are often up for the challenge.

Thermal Management Under Dangerous Conditions

In many hazardous applications, heat and combustibility are two of the biggest concerns. Environments with extremely high temperatures pose significantly higher risks of overheating, and if the air is filled with combustible materials and/or gases, the potential damage can extend beyond damaged or broken equipment. In addition to keeping electrical enclosures properly cooled, thermal management solutions must also provide a high level of ingress protection, typically according to the most appropriate NEMA enclosure standards.

Making Heat Exchangers Fit the Industry

Heat exchangers have always been known for their ability to provide more efficient and reliable thermal management, but they weren’t always suitable for demanding applications in hazardous areas. Today, however, more companies throughout the oil and gas industry are turning to certified heat exchangers to meet a variety of thermal management needs. Thanks to their innovative heat transfer capabilities and NEMA-class protection and performance, heat exchangers help the industry reduce the risks of relying on less effective thermal management solutions while also streamlining overall operations.

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