High-Performance Thermal Management for the Molding Industry

Thermal management is important to every industry for a wide variety of reasons. Some companies simply need efficient ways to cool large manufacturing equipment or electrical control panels. Others, however, rely on thermal management as a vital part of their production process, as is the case with the molding industry. By definition, molding relies on the rapid and efficient application and removal of heat—something that heat exchanger technology is specifically adept at. Thermal pins, which are specialized heat pipes made specifically for all types of molding, bring the high-performance capabilities of heat exchangers to an industry that depends on the efficiency and precision of its thermal management solutions.

How Thermal Pins Work

The ability to quickly superheat materials like glass, plastic, and ceramic is only half of the molding process. Once a mold is filled, the quality of the product depends on how effectively and efficiently the heat is removed. Like larger heat pipes, thermal pins are designed to quickly and evenly draw heat from the mold for significantly increased cycle times. Thermal pins are isothermal to ensure uniform heat transfer, which reduces the risks of irregularities in the final mold. Unlike heat pipes, thermal pins are inserted into the machinery’s core rather than attached to the side of it, and they can be fitted to equipment that wasn’t originally designed for thermal pins.

Faster and More Precise Molds

For applications like molding, liquid cooling would perhaps be the most efficient solution, yet it wouldn’t fit comfortably into the molding process. Using advanced heat pipe technology, thermal pins bring the same level of efficient heat transfer but in a way that fits virtually any molding apparatus. With the help of thermal pins, companies can significantly boost productivity and yields while reducing the amount of time and money lost due to inaccurate molds.

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