Cooling High-Performance Tech in Advanced Medical Devices

Some of the most advanced and powerful technology is that used in modern medical devices, such as high-powered imaging equipment, surgical lasers, and even handheld diagnostic devices. Like most advanced technology, the thermal management solutions used for medical devices have to be able to keep up with the application’s power output. More power means more waste heat, and smaller devices mean less space to effectively manage that heat. Unlike other types of technology, however, cooling medical equipment comes with a few unique challenges, such as properly insulating the heat exchanger and equipment to keep them safe enough for human contact.

Thermal Management in Medical Technology

The importance of keeping medical technology operating properly and at maximum capacity can’t be overstated. For example, if an imaging device fails due to improper thermal management, patients may have to wait to receive their diagnoses, which can impact the quality and success of their treatment. If surgical equipment overheats during a procedure, then the complications can be profound for both the patient and the medical group. Heat exchangers help ensure that vital technology remains fully operational so thermal management complications don’t interfere with the quality of healthcare.

Meeting Unique Challenges

When cooling control panels and larger electrical enclosures, heat exchangers can often be successfully attached to the side of the enclosure. High-quality neoprene seals and gaskets ensure that there is no exchange of internal and external air to maintain the integrity of both the heat exchanger and the enclosure. For smaller, more powerful medical devices, however, heat exchangers are often incorporated into the technology’s design. Because they utilize minimal space, can be designed to fit nearly any application’s needs, and require little or no maintenance, heat exchangers are often ideal for meeting the unique thermal management challenges of today’s medical devices.

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