Can Heat Exchangers Improve an Existing Application?

Thermal management is a vital component to any electrical equipment or technology. As such, most application’s function optimally when an appropriate thermal management solution is considered during the design process. Yet, existing machinery, control panels, and other forms of technology can also benefit greatly from cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable ways of managing electrical waste heat, especially those that have previously relied on solutions such as air conditioning. To help companies save on thermal management costs without having to unnecessarily replace equipment, heat exchangers can often be fitted to existing applications in a variety of industries.

Designing Solutions that Fit

By definition, a heat exchanger can describe any of several types of units designed to absorb and transfer heat in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Because they come in such a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, heat exchangers can be automatically applied to applications that have a wide range of thermal management needs. When an existing application requires unique specifications or physical dimensions, a highly skilled team of technical and thermal management experts can work closely with the client to determine the best solution. If necessary, the solution may be a custom-designed unit made specifically for that application.

Collaboration and In-House Manufacturing

Whether retrofitting an existing heat exchanger to fit an application’s needs or designing one from scratch for optimal results, the ability to collaborate, design, test, and manufacture all within the same facility helps ensure that each heat exchanger successfully meets that applications needs. For example, every level of expertise needed to design, create, and implement the solution can have a say in its design and production. Clients who rely on the solution can integrate more efficient thermal management solutions faster without having to wait for an off-site facility to produce it.

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