2 Heat Exchanger Uses Besides Cooling Control Panels

Industries that rely on multiple electrical control panels are among the most obvious beneficiaries of modern heat exchanger technology. Designed specifically to transfer electrical waste heat in an efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable manner, heat exchangers first grew in popularity as alternatives to more cumbersome air conditioning units that companies relied on in the past. However, with their high-performance capabilities and adaptability to virtually any application’s needs, heat exchangers are also commonly used for more than just cooling control panels, and they excel at every application for which they’re employed.

Controlling the Temperature of Materials in Production

Thermal management means different things in different industries, and often, it describes controlling the temperature of a wide variety of materials. It also includes the need to keep a tight and effective seal to protect the thermal management equipment and the materials being managed, which is a vital part of all heat exchanger designs. Because of this, heat exchangers help in maintaining the quality of food and beverage products, as well as the integrity of the waste water treatment process. They can be used to rapidly extract heat in a consistently uniform manner in the molding industry, or provide higher levels of protection for pharmaceutical packaging.

Cooling High-Performance Electronics

Their versatility has made heat exchangers beneficial for several areas of manufacturing, but they’ve also played a significant role in the advancement of technology itself. Not every electrical enclosure is the size of an industrial control panel, and to fit more powerful technology into increasingly smaller spaces, heat exchangers became a necessary step in thermal management. Today, heat exchangers of all types, including heat pipes and cold plates, can be miniaturized to fit handheld and wearable devices, as well as super powerful computer processors and medical equipment.

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