Thermal Management in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Thermal management is vital for more than just maintaining electrical equipment, and in many applications, heat exchangers offer as many benefits as they do for cooling control panels. In the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, thermal management is needed for highly precise temperature control during the manufacture of most medications. Some of these medications must also be stored at specific temperatures, and hiccups along the route from manufacturer to patient can expose them to varying temperatures for long periods of time. With the use of heat exchanger technology, companies can produce pharmaceutical products at a faster and more reliable pace. They can also ensure their efficacy by providing better thermal management during the packaging and shipping process.

How Heat Exchangers Helps

In the food and beverage industry, storage is often the most pressing thermal management concern. Perishables can spoil before they hit the market if they aren’t kept in highly effective, temperature-controlled environments. In the pharmaceutical industry, thermal management is vital to the product’s creation. The multiple processes and fine chemistry required to create different kinds of medications can be a costly and unreliable process if the right thermal management solutions are not equipped.

At Noren, we have over 50 years of experience providing advanced thermal management solutions that have helped clients throughout the pharmaceutical industry revolutionize their processes. With heat exchangers, advanced equipment can run continuously for years longer than traditional options, such as air conditioners. They also produce significantly less waste compared to air compressors, which helps companies focus less on their environmental footprint and more on increasing productivity.

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