Saving More than Just Energy with Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are known for revolutionizing electrical thermal management several decades ago, and one of their most notable aspects is the ability to save energy, especially on applications that run around the clock. Today, heat exchangers have expanded that benefit by making it possible to harness electrical waste heat and turn it into free energy for certain applications. However, energy consumption isn’t the only thing that heat exchangers help companies save. With their help, companies also save space that would have otherwise been used for larger thermal management solutions, and they free up employees’ time so they can be more productive in other areas.

Sleeker Designs Equal More Space

Without the need for large, complex machinery to do their jobs, heat exchangers are typically designed to be much smaller than solutions like air conditioning or air compressors. They can also be custom-designed to fit even the most challenging spaces. For instance, heat pipes can bend as needed to accommodate unique spacing requirements for virtually any design that qualifies for heat pipes. Components such as heat sinks, gaskets, and seals can also be made specifically to accommodate the needs of any given application while maximizing the use of space within the system.

Less Maintenance Equals More Productivity

The principle behind most heat exchangers is to handle electrical waste heat within a closed loop, or at least within an exceptionally well-insulated open loop. This means that contaminants are effectively kept away from the cooling fluid and the sensitive electrical components within a cabinet or other enclosure. It also means that heat exchangers can operate for significantly longer amounts of time than other solutions without needing routine maintenance or repairs. Instead of having to service air conditioners, employees can spend their time and efforts being more productive in other areas.

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