Choose the Right Type of Heat Exchanger for Any Application

For some types of electrical cooling solutions, like air conditioning, the only significant variation in different designs is size and operating capacity. For heat exchangers, however, solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes and utilize one or more of several different heat transfer methods. They can also operate within a closed loop, provide ambient or below-ambient cooling, and fit virtually any application, from cooling control panels to redirecting waste heat for more eco-friendly energy usage.

Start with a Comprehensive Analysis

Because they come in such a wide variety of designs, choosing the right heat exchanger for any given application starts with a comprehensive analysis. Noren’s team of engineering and thermal management experts are highly skilled at understanding each application’s unique thermal management needs, as well as designing and creating solutions according to those needs. Working closely with each client, we ensure that every solution we provide meets and exceeds their expectations in both effectiveness and efficiency.

Selecting the Best Option

Today’s heat exchangers are designed to meet the high performance demands of the most powerful technology. To do this, Noren can provide ambient or below-ambient heat exchangers, depending on the application’s maximum operating temperature and the ambient temperature outside of the enclosure. Ensuring that the right heat transfer method is implemented is vital to ensuring that any thermal management solution is successful, and part of our unprecedented service is helping clients decide on the best solution for them, specifically.

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