The Secret to More Efficient Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Since their introduction, heat exchangers have revolutionized the approach to electrical thermal management. For over 50 years, Noren Thermal has been at the forefront of providing high-quality heat exchangers to clients in all industries, helping them modernize and streamline operations in many different areas. However, it’s more than just the success of heat exchangers that has made Noren stand apart. It’s also the unique ability to combine every step of heat exchanger manufacturing, from design to final production, into one fluid, in-house process that helps guarantee that our clients receive high-quality solutions faster and with few or no setbacks.

Noren’s In-House Team of Experts

Noren’s experts run the gamut from design and engineering to the science of thermal management. Every project is guided by input from experts in every aspect of the design and manufacturing processes, and is completed using advanced materials and innovative production technologies. Our teams also work closely with clients to ensure that every product precisely meets each application’s specific requirements, often exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Innovation in Thermal Management

Cultivating teams of experts in every aspect of heat exchanger design and manufacturing has allowed Noren to lead the way in thermal management innovation. In addition to perfecting methods like phase-change cooling, natural/forced convection, and conduction, Noren also provided the first heat exchangers that were certified for use in hazardous locations, including oil and gas production.

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