Modern Ways to Cool Electrical Control Panels

Electrical enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, and the thermal management solutions that cool them must be efficient and diverse enough to meet their unique specifications. For companies that rely on constantly running technology, particularly manufacturing, cooling various control panels is vital to their continued operations. At Noren, our specialty is providing clients with advanced thermal management solutions, such as ambient and below-ambient heat exchangers, to properly cool control panels of all sizes.

Transferring Heat Instead of Eliminating It

Modern electrical enclosures offer unique challenges for thermal management. As technology has grown more powerful, such enclosures have grown smaller while the components they hold work harder. This means cooling solutions must offer more reliable thermal management in smaller spaces, which makes some solutions like air conditioning unreliable in many high-performance applications. To meet the high demands of modern technology, heat exchangers are designed to offer optimal heat transfer results with minimal effort, and can therefore fit into increasingly smaller spaces.

Heat Exchangers for Efficient Control Panel Cooling

In addition to saving space, the natural methods that heat exchangers use to transfer heat make them even more beneficial for companies that wish to save on energy usage and overall operating costs. Compared to industrial air conditioning, heat exchangers use a fraction of the energy and can operate for several times longer without needing maintenance or repair. As more manufacturers seek to reduce costs and lower their environmental footprints, heat exchangers continue to offer the ideal solution for cooling electrical control panels.

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