Common Uses for Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

Effective thermal management comes in a variety of forms these days, and in most cases, heat exchangers can be designed in equally various ways to achieve optimal results. Cold plate heat exchangers, for instance, can be designed for systems that require high effective heat transfer coefficients across large surfaces. Cold plates, which are usually crafted from metal and stacked together, can provide reliable, efficient, and highly effective thermal management solutions for high-performance operations.

How Plate Heat Exchangers Work

Because cold plates are made from metal, they offer some level of natural conduction to absorb and transfer heat. This ability is enhanced by a cooling fluid, such as water, that flows through pathways that are machined into the cold plates. The heat that the plates absorb on one side is transferred to the other side by the fluid, providing consistent and uniform thermal management across the surface of the heat plates.

When They’re Most Appropriate

Because of their high-performance abilities, plate heat exchangers can be the ideal thermal management solution in a number of different industries, including:

  • Food and beverage production – In addition to cooling manufacturing equipment, food and beverage production also relies on several processes that hinge on effective, large-scale thermal management. Pasteurization, for instance, can often be performed with minimal energy and consistent results through the use of plate heat exchangers.
  • Power production – Dealing with high levels of electricity can expose the machinery in most power plants to high levels of thermal energy. To avoid overheating of machine oil, gaskets, bearings, and other vital components, many plants rely on plate heat exchangers for efficient and ecofriendly cooling.

Plate Heat Exchangers for a Variety of Thermal Management Uses

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