Avoiding Mistakes that Can Hinder Thermal Management

What makes heat exchangers such an asset to so many industries is their ability to streamline thermal management to make it a much more efficient and eco-friendly process. Yet, minor mistakes in the design and manufacturing process can hinder their ability to work as effectively and reliably as it should. At Noren, maintaining a high level of quality in every product we make means avoiding such common mistakes so clients can enjoy more efficient thermal management without the headaches of correcting mistakes.

Consider heat transfer specs early

The first step to avoiding thermal management mistakes is to consider the application’s specific thermal management needs. For instance, the most obvious method of preventing electrical overheating is to chill the enclosure, which would often require below-ambient cooling methods. However, if the ambient temperature is below the system’s maximum operating temperature, then an ambient unit may be more appropriate.

Work with experts

Engineers who specialize in designing electrical enclosures don’t always specialize in designing appropriate thermal management solutions for those enclosures. They may leave thermal management out of the initial design, which can force you to have to retrofit a solution that offers more effective cooling. To avoid this, our experts work closely with system designers to ensure that the best thermal management solution is a part of the system’s initial design. Even if a solution must be created after the fact, our experts can ensure that it works optimally through close collaboration.


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