3D Printing for More Advanced Thermal Management Solutions

At Noren Thermal, innovation has been a driving principle for over 40 years, from helping to make heat exchangers a vital part of modern technology to innovating new ways to improve thermal management and ecofriendly operations. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of technology to deliver the most efficient and reliable solutions to all of our clients, and today, that includes using the latest technology to streamline the design and manufacturing processes. While 3D printing is still in its relatively early stages, we’ve already harnessed the technology to create rapid prototypes that help vastly improve turnaround and eliminate design errors before final manufacturing.   

Why 3D Prototyping Matters

Over the last few decades, Noren has maintained a reputation for excellence that stems largely from our comprehensive design and analysis processes. Our goal isn’t just to provide the best thermal management solutions, but to help our clients save time and money by making sure their products operate as expected the first time around. For example, we’ve integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities into our facilities to cut down on the time spent between designing and producing a product.

As part of the design process, rapid 3D prototyping helps us iron out unforeseen complications in a design before it’s manufactured. The prototype is produced according to the exact specifications of the design, and then tested within the system to ensure an optimal fit. This eliminates the need to re-manufacture a product or component due to an improper fit.

Noren’s 3D Prototyping and In-House Manufacturing

Advanced 3D printing helps us create rapid prototypes of every design to ensure optimal performance of advanced thermal management solutions. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 866-936-6736. Now located in Taylor, TX, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.