In-House Manufacturing for Better Results and Faster Turnarounds

Modern design and manufacturing processes can be complicated, especially for heat exchangers that come in various designs with varying specifications. A significant part of what sets Noren apart is the ability to design and modify thermal management solutions according to each application’s unique needs. To do so efficiently, we’ve outfitted our facilities with advanced, in-house design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to create rapid prototypes, test components, make adjustments, and complete production all under one roof.

Advantages of Manufacturing In-House

The specific goals of a heat exchanger vary according to different industries, facilities, and applications, which means many of our thermal management products are designed to operate consistently under a variety of conditions. Nevertheless, unforeseen circumstances or slightly off calculations in a design can make for mistakes in a final product that could be costly and time-consuming to fix, especially if the process requires having to send refined specifications to an off-site manufacturing facility.

Prototyping to Final Production

With the ability to rapidly produce 3D-printed prototypes in-house, we can identify and correct design discrepancies and quickly adjust them accordingly. Once a product is ready for final manufacturing, doing so in-house reduces wait time and ensures that any adjustments made during the prototype phase are incorporated into the final product.

More Effective Custom Designs

For heat exchangers and other thermal management solutions that must be custom-designed, our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities make it easier for our technical and engineering experts to collaborate with our clients. We can analyze our client’s systems alongside their experts and work together to implement the most efficient solutions.

Noren’s Advanced Manufacturing Expertise and Facilities

With our team of technical experts and advanced facilities with in-house manufacturing capabilities, Noren provides high-quality, high-performance products fast and with consistent reliability. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 866-936-6736. Now located in Taylor, TX, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.