3 Green Energy Aspects of Modern Heat Exchangers

Since Noren Thermal was founded, the defining philosophy has always been to provide efficient, eco-friendly solutions that help industries prosper as much as lower their impact on the environment. To that end, we’ve created and produced leading thermal management technology for over 40 years, including heat exchangers that are reliable and safe enough to be certified for hazardous location. Today, our dedication to providing innovative thermal management solutions based on green energy concepts continues to drive our success and the success of our clients.  

Lowering energy consumption

The need for greater energy efficiency has always been one of the main reasons why heat exchangers are often preferable to traditional air conditioning and air compressing units. Drawing on heat transfer techniques like natural and forced convection, or phase-change cooling, heat exchangers use a fraction of the energy that air conditioners require.

Redirecting energy for other processes

As industries incorporate more green energy technology throughout their facilities, heat exchangers have played an important role in designing more energy-efficient models. For instance, instead of dissipating the heat that the fluid inside of a heat exchanger absorbs, it can be transferred to another area to be used for other heating purposes.

Leaving no environmental footprint

The need for less energy and the ability to redirect energy to a certain degree has made heat exchanger technology an essential component of many modern green technologies. These advantages also mean that heat exchangers don’t produce waste that can impact the environment, so implementing heat exchangers doesn’t require significantly revising waste management strategies.

Learn More About Green Energy Heat Exchangers

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