Typical Heat Exchanger Applications

The idea of exchanging heat has been around for much of modern man’s history, but utilizing heat transfer concepts to cool electrical equipment is a relatively newer revelation. Since they’ve become an accepted and increasingly more popular option for electrical thermal management, however, heat exchangers have also become an important resource in a number of other manufacturing processes. For virtually all industries, heat exchangers serve a variety of applications, and cooling electrical enclosures is only one of their common uses.  

Electrical control panels

Electrical control panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their thermal management needs are equally diverse. Heat exchangers are often the best cooling solution because they require little energy and minimal maintenance, and they can be designed to fit even comfortably even on small electrical enclosures.

Food & beverage processing

Besides cooling the machinery that food and beverage processers use to manufacture and package their goods, heat exchangers can also help them produce these goods more efficiently. Certain foods and beverages, such as dairy, fruit, vegetables, and other perishables, must be processed, stored, and shipped at specific temperatures. To keep these temperatures consistent, companies often rely on heat exchangers rather than traditional air conditioners to significantly reduce costs and the risks of equipment failure.

Oil & gas production

The petroleum industry operates in constantly hazardous conditions, and the equipment that companies use must be able to withstand those conditions. Heat exchangers that are certified for use in hazardous locations can help oil and gas production run smoother and with significantly lower thermal management costs.

Find the Right Heat Exchangers for Any Application

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