More Efficient Cooling for Power Plants

Some industries may never interact with certain others, but power production is an industry that all others rely on. While power plants across the nation employ a variety of methods to produce and deliver power, they all rely on efficient thermal management solutions to ensure their continued operation. In many locations, those solutions come in the form of high-temperature heat exchangers. From cooling the electrical enclosures, bearings, and lubricants in generators to maintaining fluid temperatures during certain processes, Noren’s heat exchangers help ensure that power plants continue running smoothly.

Why Power Plants Use Heat Exchangers

Power generation is a product of technology, and as our technology advances, so do our methods of producing power. What is constant, however, is the need for power production to remain reliable and consistent. Maintenance failures and downtime, for instance, can have resounding consequences for the company as well as for the community that the plant powers. With heat exchangers, power plants can effectively harness more efficient and more ecofriendly thermal management methods while reducing the amount of energy they need to operate.

Depending on the specific application, an air-to-air (ambient cooling) or air-to-water (below-ambient cooling) heat exchanger can operate longer than traditional air conditioning with less frequent maintenance needs. They also draw on less energy to operate, and can therefore keep up with a power plant’s 24/7 operating schedule while keeping energy and maintenance costs significantly lower.

Learn More About Heat Exchangers for Power Plants

Reducing the costs of power production benefits more than just power plants, but also every industry and individual that relies on power. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 866-936-6736. Now located in Taylor, TX, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.