Electrical Cooling for a Greener Tomorrow

Despite the uncertainty caused by the United States withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, business leaders throughout the country and the world continue to push for ways to clean up the global economy. At Noren, that goal has been a driving concept behind our thermal management products and components for over 40 years. As the world grows increasingly more reliant on green technology and energy production, eco-friendly cooling solutions are becoming equally more important.

Less Energy; Smaller Footprint

The discussion around green energy typically revolves around reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the pollutants they expend. In terms of large-scale operations (like production and manufacturing), that often means finding alternative technologies that utilize less energy, and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint.

From automation and manufacturing to military equipment and even oil and gas extraction, virtually every industry is shifting toward a greener tomorrow, and every stop counts. When it comes to thermal management for high-performing electrical equipment, that shift includes finding ways to keep electrical cabinets properly cooled while minimizing operating costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

Noren’s top-of-the-line ambient and below-ambient heat exchangers are the culmination of decades of research and expertise in the refining of thermal management solutions. In addition to revamping our own facilities with green energy solutions, such as adding LED bulbs, encouraging employee carpools, and integrating digital documentation, we also help clients transform their electrical cooling systems to become beacons of green technology.

Cleaner, More Efficient Thermal Management Solutions

As a pioneer in the pursuit of eco-friendly technology and thermal management solutions, Noren has long been ahead of the growing green energy curve. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 650-322-9500, or toll-free at 866-936-6736. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.