The Value of Centralized Design and Manufacturing

Even a top-notch product can see a decline in value when it doesn’t perform as well as intended. In the production of thermal management solutions, that can prove disastrous for clients who rely on those products to keep their operations running smoothly. Such disconnect between the expectation and reality of a product often occurs because different aspects of analysis, design, and manufacturing are isolated from each other. At Noren Thermal, we provide everything—including systems analysis, customized design, prototype building, and product testing—all under one roof. This allows for immediate and face-to-face communication between every department to centralize the logistics of thermal management design and manufacturing.

In-House Design & Manufacturing

The challenges of protecting sensitive electronic equipment from overheating are complicated. Every industry’s technology operates differently; with different end-goals, in different locations, and under different conditions. Besides effectively managing electrical waste heat, thermal management units also have to fit into the parameters of what they’re trying to protect. Larger systems may require larger heat exchangers; aerospace solutions have to operate in sometimes-severe atmospheric conditions; military technology has to survive harsh treatment and still function with very little maintenance.

Solving these challenges requires close coordination between all teams involved, and when analysis, design, and manufacturing are decentralized, a lot can be lost in translation. Engineers and designers may approach certain problems differently, and the final product might not perform exactly as predicted. Centralizing the process within the company gives Noren the ability to manage every step, including analyzing a client’s current systems to create the most energy-efficient heat exchanger units for their specific applications.

Creating Better Thermal Management Solutions from the Start

With over 40 years of experience in thermal management we can customize products and services to meet every client’s unique needs, as well as help them save costs and lower their carbon footprint through innovative technologies. Centralized, in-house design and manufacturing helps ensure that the solutions we create exceed expectations from the start. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 650-322-9500, or toll-free at 866-936-6736. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.