What It Means to Go Green

More than any other time in history, today’s industries must strive to balance production and growth with a more conscientious approach to the environment around them. To that end, organizations are always searching for ways to “go green” for both environmental reasons and to reduce overhead costs, particularly energy. Going green is a concept that has driven Noren’s success for over 40 years. Not only do we stay abreast of the latest technology, we’ve also invented a few thermal management concepts that have helped us create more energy efficient solutions for all of our clients.

Greener Thermal Management Solutions

In the realm of thermal management for large-scale electrical systems, energy conservation is one of the most important factors. Many systems run continuously, and therefore need continuous cooling solutions to prevent overheating. With traditional air conditioning units and compressed air equipment, 24-7 operations can create significant energy costs. In addition, such equipment can wear down quickly, leading to costly maintenance and repairs.

By contrast, Noren’s ambient and below ambient coolers utilize innovative thermal management concepts, like phase-change technology, to provide constant cabinet cooling with minimal energy consumption. The only external parts are fans that help propel fluid through the cooling unit, so maintenance is minimal and the units do not wear down easily. To further minimize maintenance needs, Noren’s cooling cabinets are sealed with advanced neoprene gaskets that prevent outside air and moisture from contaminating the sensitive electrical equipment inside.

Benefit from Greener Thermal Management Solutions

Green energy cabinet coolers keep electrical panels from overheating while generating significant savings on energy, maintenance, and loss of revenue due to downtime. To learn more, by calling Noren Thermal, Inc. at 650-322-9500, or toll-free at 866-936-6736. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.