Heat Exchangers Solve the Air Conditioning Conundrum

When it comes to controlling the waste heat of electronic equipment, the generally accepted rule of thumb is that colder is always better. That mindset stems from an era when air conditioning and compressed air were the pinnacles of heat dissipation technology. Today, however, the high cost and energy expenditures needed to keep air conditioning running 24/7 have forced companies to find more efficient solutions to manage electronic waste heat—such as closed loop heat exchangers. By utilizing the physics of latent heat vaporization, heat exchangers solve many of the conundrums posed by conventional air conditioning and compressed air systems.

How Heat Exchangers Work

Heat exchangers work by transferring or dissipating heat from an enclosed electronic structure. Unlike air conditioning, which actively cools the air within the enclosure, Noren air-to-air heat exchangers simply remove waste heat by dissipating it into the ambient air through heat pipes and fans, using phase change technology. The purpose isn’t to forcefully cool the air, but rather to redirect waste heat to keep temperatures within the electronic enclosure slightly above ambient air temperature outside of the enclosure.

Without the need for a compressed air source and with fewer, less complicated components, heat exchangers solve many of the thermal management conundrums that manufacturers face. They’re more compact than air conditioners and compressors, and the closed loop systems protect enclosed electronics from being contaminated by outside air. Reduced maintenance needs, the ability to fit heat exchangers to even the smallest electronic boards, and the reduced risks of condensation developing inside electronic enclosures are just a few more of the many ways heat exchangers surpass air conditioning for manufacturing needs.

Custom Heat Exchangers Can Meet All Thermal Management Needs

There is still a significant need for compressed-air conditioners to cool electronics, especially in harsher climates. But manufacturers are relying more on heat exchangers to solve the challenges of efficient and affordable thermal management, and the technology is quickly evolving to handle even the harshest conditions.

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