Eliminating Contamination in Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Eliminating Contamination in Air Cooled Heat ExchangersElectronic devices are typically housed in closed panels to avoid air and moisture contamination that could erode electrical components. Small cabinets also make it less costly to keep electrical panels cooled as they operate; however, being enclosed makes it necessary to keep the air conditioning on constantly. In many cases, the costs of controlling that waste heat mitigate the savings of utilizing electrical enclosures in the first place. Noren’s air cooled heat exchangers solve this dilemma by utilizing green energy to transfer heat efficiently, and in a closed loop system that doesn’t expose electrical panels to the open air.

Air Cooling in a Closed Loop

Ideally, opening electrical cabinets on a particularly hot day to let them cool off could help you save on exorbitant cooling costs. It won’t take long, however, for dirt and moisture to find their way onto the panels inside of the cabinets and then slowly erode the circuits from within. Vents and filters can slow air and moisture contamination, but can also become clogged often, slowing air circulation and allowing heat pockets to develop inside the panels.

Chilling the air within the cabinet has been the most reasonable solution—until air cooled heat exchangers provided a better one. Heat exchangers cool the air within electrical cabinets to just above the ambient air temperature outside of them by simply transferring heated air to one area of the unit, cooling it, and recirculating it back near the panel. Before the air near the panel can grow hot enough to damage the circuits, it is transferred and cooled again in a continuous, closed loop cycle, never being exposed to outside air.

Custom-Designed Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers from Noren

Avoiding the contamination of electrical circuits is only one of the many benefits to utilizing air-cooled heat exchangers rather than air-conditioning and compressed air units. To learn more, call Noren Thermal, Inc. at 650-322-9500, or toll-free at 866-936-6736. Located in Menlo Park, CA, Noren proudly produces all of our products in the United States and delivers them to clients nationwide.