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In our efforts to not only keep up with technology but to also contribute to new solutions we’ve actually been responsible for inventing a few new concepts. Part of what “going green” means is the design and manufacturing of eco friendly products, which of course Noren Thermal has always maintained an interest in. From the beginning in 1968 the purpose of Mr. Noren’s inventions was to improve the efficiency of electrical systems and manufacturing facilities. Energy Efficiency was one of the primary considerations in his inventions, which at the time was not of much interest, but as we all are very aware – today it’s a very different story!

‘Going green’ is not only this awareness of efficiency, it’s also the determination to put these concepts into action. In every stage of the design and manufacturing process Noren Thermal strives to achieve our goal of low waste, and a low eco footprint. Measuring our impact on the environment is a challenging but worthwhile goal, Noren Thermal however is highly aware of just how much of an impact we have on our local community and the world in general.

Following are just a few examples of changes we at Noren Thermal have implemented to reduce our eco footprint in our efforts to strive for green. Hopefully there are things on this list that you or your company might consider implementing. Many of these actually reduce operating costs which can be vital in today’s very competitive business climate.

  • LED lights throughout the facilities to reduce energy consumption
  • 70% Digital documentation, 30% printed documents for reduced use of paper
  • Employee carpools to reduce gas consumption

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